5 Harmless Android Pranks

It’s their fault for leaving their phone unlocked…

Are you a prankster? Do you friends have Android phones? Then you’ll want to watch this video featuring 5 gags you can pull on your friends’ smartphones right now. Make them think their computer is haunted – or that their screen is broken. Or confuse them by changing their language. Steal your friend’s phone and try these harmless pranks out today.



It’s not only tattoo…

It means a lot to me. A sign which give me inspiration & guidance to not give on life. To adopt positive energy around us and how to be protected around negative once… Its all about exploring ur surrounding for ur benefit and for ur loved once. Its tells me to focus on my goal & helps me to achieve it…

In legends fox are best known as bridge between human & spirit world. They are meant to be there to maintain balance between human & spirit world. Like Yin & Yang, there is always good & bad inside us… We need to know which one to adopt & which one to transform…

Hello EveryOne

Hello Friends,

My self Ankit Gajjar.

Its been months i finished my study from Frameboxx Animation And Visual Effect (Mumbai-India).

And ranked as Animation N Rigging Specialist, so i got little bit of time to explore new things in the world of Rigging and Animation.

There are lots of new idea’s on my mind related to Rigging And Tool Development, which are dying to out from my brain.

So maybe would find lots of new Scripts, Tools and New Rigging Demo Videos on my blog and as you all know my tools would be available on Creative Crash for download.

This Post Describes My Passion Related To My Field And I Would Like To Spacial Thanks My All Mentors Who Made Me Such Passionate Student And Artist

So Thanks Krunal Zaveri, Devang Patel, Shailesh Pahuja, Rahul Shaktawat, Sachin Pateker, Kalpesh Kheradia, Roshan Jagtap, Shreeraj Nair, Amit Prajapati And Sandeep Sanaye.